Great Books for Reading with your Toddler

Reading with your baby or toddler is great for bonding as well as for developing their listening and literacy skills. It helps in building their vocabulary and feeds their imagination.

Make it fun by asking them to point to pictures on the page and add funny voices, exaggerating your expressions to bring the story to life!

I Did See A Mammoth by Alex Willmore

Perfect for readers aged 3+

Welcome to the Antarctic, where an intrepid bunch of explorers is making an in-depth study of penguins. Penguins. Penguins. Penguins. So many penguins . . .

But one young explorer has discovered something different. Something totally wild, spectacularly cool and quite a lot . . . EXTINCT.

But will anyone believe it?

Would YOU?!

I Did See A Mammoth is out now.

The Burpee Bears by Joe Wicks and illustrated by Paul Howard

Perfect for readers aged 3+

This glorious picture book is the first of a delightful picture book series infused with Joe’s signature sense of fun!

Join the Burpee bears as they explore the everyday ups and downs of family life. Perfect for getting families moving together and reading together!

The Burpee Bears is out now.

Pick A Story: A Pirate, Alien, Jungle Adventure by Sarah Coyle and illustrated by Adam Walker-Parker

Perfect for readers aged 3+

Do you love pirates? How about aliens? And jungle animals?

Find them ALL in the pages of this laugh-out-loud interactive adventure!

Discover not one but THREE fun-filled worlds in this PICK A STORY adventure. You’ll find twists and turns, hilarious characters . . . and decisions to make on every page. So what are you waiting for? Come on in and join the fun!

Pick A Story: A Pirate, Alien, Jungle Adventure is out now.

Percy the Park Keeper: A Flying Visit by Nick Butterworth

Perfect for readers aged 3+

This funny, heart-warming story about kindness, friendship and teamwork will be sure to delight young readers.

Percy’s friend the hedgehog has always longed to fly but without wings it’s an impossible dream. Until, one day, a stranger arrives in the park, needing the hedgehog’s help. Will his wish come true at last?

Percy the Park Keeper: A Flying Visit is out now.

The Cow that Laid an Egg by Andy Cutbill and illustrated by Russell Ayto

Perfect for readers aged 3+

A fantastically funny farmyard story!

Marjorie the cow doesn’t feel very special. She can’t ride bicycles or do cartwheels like the other cows. But one morning, Marjorie is astonished to discover something extraordinary…

She’s laid an egg!

But does the baby inside the egg really belong to Marjorie? Emotions run high in the farmyard as everyone waits to find out…

The Cow that Laid an Egg is out now.

No Longer Alone by Joseph Coelho and illustrated by Robyn Wilson-Owen

Perfect for readers aged 3+

This stunningly illustrated children’s book about empathy and big feelings is from the 2022-2024 Waterstones Children’s Laureate, Joseph Coelho.

Told through the voice of a little girl who is labelled as quiet and shy, No Longer Alone follows her tumult of emotions as she navigates the world around her. But when she finally shares her feelings and tells her Dad all the things that are worrying her, she no longer feels so alone.

No Longer Alone is out now.

I Love you Because I Love you by Muợn Thị Văn and illustrated by Jessica Love

Perfect for readers aged 3+

I love you because you tell the best stories.
Because I love you, my best story is you.

A heart-warming celebration of love in all its forms, this powerful picture book shares all the reasons – big and small – why we love those we love. Joyful, life-affirming, and overflowing with love, this is a book to be treasured as you celebrate the special bond you share with your loved ones.

I Love You Because I Love You is out now.

Hello Summer by Jo Lindley

Perfect for readers aged 3+

Say hello to the Little Seasons, four magical friends who control the seasons!

The sun is shining and the Little Seasons are on their way to the beach. But Summer is feeling hot and bothered . . . First their picnic is overrun by hungry creatures. Next their game of catch is ruined when their ball goes POP.

Luckily his friends know the perfect way to relax: building a giant sandcastle. Finally Summer is starting to have fun!

But no one has noticed the great big wave that’s rolling in . . .

Hello Summer is out now.

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