5 simple ways to help dads have fun sharing stories

You can have a new adventure every time you share a book (and it’s a fantastic way to enjoy time together without screens).  As well as being fun it can help you feel closer because stories can spark chats. 

Here are some pointers from BookTrust:

  1. Make it personal: Why not make your child the star, or set it in your home town? Ask questions, too – what do they think will happen next?
  2. Bring it to life: Try using a soft toy to tell the story or experiment with silly voices. If your child can already read, perhaps take turns reading paragraphs.
  3. Create a reading space: Get your children involved in creating a fun or cosy space to read stories. Gather blankets or find a comfy chair. You could even find a reading spot in your garden or local park. 
  4. Make up your own story: Why not create your own story? Or  forget about the words, just enjoy looking at the pictures together. You can dip in and out of a book – or read a favourite again and again. 
  5. Take books on the move: Books aren’t just for bedtime – you can share a story anytime, anywhere. Why not take a book with you to the park, on the bus or to a cafe . . .

And by the way . . .

There is no wrong way to share books. So pick up whatever you both fancy and start making reading magic . . .

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