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Stories are the most powerful gift you can share with a child.

But sadly, only one in three children are read a story every day. We want to change that.

We are calling on the nation’s grown ups to help us reach a million minutes of storytime shared with children across the nation.

Making a Pledge

Reading Role Models

We believe that dads make stories magic.

Reading for pleasure is in long-term decline with many children seeing reading as a lesson or homework.

Research shows that the best way to encourage a child to read books for fun is to read and share stories with them.

Research also shows that:

  • Fewer dads read to their children than mums
  • Fewer dads grew up being read to themselves
  • Dads are less confident choosing books and reading aloud

This means that girls and boys are missing out on being read to by their dads.

For boys, the lack of a male reading role model has a profound impact on their own interest in and motivation to read for pleasure.

Spending time reading with the children in your life has huge benefits.

It motivates children to read independently and they do better at school, have better mental wellbeing, and strong and happy relationships.

Your Stories

Discover stories from dads across the UK whose lives have been transformed by reading with their children more regularly.

‘She’s asking for books.’
‘Can books do that?’
‘The dad bond is through books.’
‘We’re going to be reading lots.’

Million Minutes Totalometer

Thank you to everyone who has pledged so far.

Keep up-to-date with how many minutes the nation has pledged with our million minutes totalometer.