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Getting started on your storytime journey

Storytime Tips

Reading with your child is a great way to bond and have lots of fun together.

Check out BookTrust’s top tips to help you get started.

  1. Make it personal: Don’t feel you have to stick to the words on the page. You could swap in names to make the story personal to your child – why not make them the star of the story, or set it in your home town? Ask questions, too – what does your child think will happen next? You could have some very interesting conversations…
  2. Bring it to life: Try using a soft toy to tell the story or experiment with silly voices (children will love hearing you putting on a new voice – the sillier, the better!). If your child can already read, perhaps take turns reading paragraphs. If you’re sharing a picture book, talk about the illustrations. What details can you spot?
  3. Take books on the move: Books aren’t just for bedtime – you can dive into a story anytime, anywhere. Why not take a book with you to the park, on the bus or in a cafe… and share the magic of stories wherever you are.


Join our million minutes challenge by pledging today to read with the children in your lives every day for the next four weeks.

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